How to Make a Branches of Government Mobile

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Your students will love creating this branches of government mobile! They can make it when studying branches of state or federal government.

Branches of Government Mobile

Ms. Sneed’s Class Builds Branches of Government Mobiles

Our favorite fourth grade teacher, Ms. Sneed, always loved studying the branches of government. Unfortunately, her students didn’t. What could she do to make it fun? As she sat at her desk and brainstormed, a vision formed in her head. That’s it! A mobile!

Since Ms. Sneed taught in Indiana, her school had a die cut pattern for that state. She ran down the hall and cut out some white shapes.

Hmm, what else? Ms. Sneed gathered a paper plate and some colored paper. After typing the branches, who was in each, and a few duties, she was ready to build a model.

Once the flurry of activity was over, Ms. Sneed looked at her work. Not bad!

Branches of Government Mobile

Getting Ready

The next day, Ms. Sneed taught her kids about branches of Indiana government. In addition to instruction, she showed them two videos:

Giving Directions for Branches of Government Mobile

“Now,” said Ms. Sneed, “we’re going to build some mobiles.” Excited chatter broke out in the class.

“Each of you will need to collect these materials from the table:

  • paper plate
  • 12 paper clips
  • 3 large shapes to display the names of the branches
  • 3 medium-sized shapes for the positions (trapezoids)
  • 6 small shapes for the duties (squares)
  • paper punch
  • string

“If you need help, ask me – or come up and look at my sample.”

Branches of Government Mobile 3

The students punched three equally spaced holes near the edge of the paper plate. In addition, they punched one hole at the top and one hole at the bottom of each large piece, one hole at the top and two holes at the bottom of each medium-sized piece, and one hole at the top of each small piece.

Branches of Government Mobile 3

Now they cut and pasted the names of the branches, positions, and duties on the pieces.

Branches of Government 3

Since tying was difficult for some students, Ms. Sneed asked them to attach the pieces with paper clips. This way, students could easily correct their errors too. They just slipped the piece off of the paper clip and rearranged.

Branches of Government Mobile 4

Finally, they tied a piece of string to each hole in the paper plate and tied them together at the top.

When they were done, Ms. Sneed hung their mobiles around the room. “Hmm,” she thought, “projects like this make me enjoy teaching even more.”

Branches of Government Mobiles in Your Class

You can easily replicate this project in your class.  For a United States government mobile, just grab this template. It’s free in my Teachers pay Teachers store.

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