Featured Freebies

Grab some of my featured freebies and enjoy teaching even more. For more free resources, visit my Teachers pay Teachers store.


Brightness of Stars

Explore the apparent magnitude of stars! Using flashlights, kids experiment with light from different distances.

Presently, I’m creating lots of science resources. Check them out in the new resources section of this website.

Spiral Daily Language

This classroom-tested daily language set really works! Kids learn one or two parts of speech, capitalization rule, and punctuation rule each week for 18 weeks. Each day, they annotate sentences that become slowly more difficult. By the end of the year, they’re proficient in grammar!

Try the first week with this free resource.

Summarizing Fiction

Ease into teaching summarizing with the steps in this how-to guide. When you scaffold instructions, you’ll see results. For more information, read the related blog post.

Looking for a variety of resources to teach this concept? Try my summarizing fiction bundle.

Sound STEM Activities

In this free sound STEM activity, students build musical instruments to demonstrate pitch.

It works well with your sound unit or as a stand-alone engineering design activity.

You can read more about teaching sound in this blog post.

Informational Text Structure

Grab this set of free informational text structure graphic organizers!

You can use them with any nonfiction text – or with your informational text structure unit.

Read more in this informational text structure blog post.

Greek Mythology - The Olympians

This one-page freebie introduces students to the main characters in Greek mythology: the Olympians.

Looking for more? Let each student research one character from mythology and complete these coloring pages. They make a beautiful (and educational) display in any classroom!

Read more about teaching Greek mythology in this blog post.