4 Fabulous Heat Websites for Kids

Heat websites help kids understand thermal energy concepts. Add media to your heat unit with these links. They’re great for third, fourth, and fifth grade students.

Heat Websites for Kids

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Heat Websites & Other Links

Heat (DK Find Out!) – Kids read a short introduction, explore eight topics, and take a quiz.

Animation of Water Molecule (NSC Creative) – This brief animation lets kids see how heat energy causes water molecules in ice to vibrate and change states.

Heat (Scholastic) This Study Jams provide a video and a quiz.

Energy Stores and Transfers (BBC Bitesize) – Kids learn about thermal equilibrium, or the concept that an object will continue to transfer heat until it reaches the same temperature as its surroundings.

Thermal Energy Activities

Are you looking for some great activities for your heat unit? In addition to the heat websites, you can try these! Including a variety of resources will enhance your physical science unit.

More Heat Resources

Energize your heat unit with activities, books, videos, an interactive bulletin board, and lesson plans. You’ll enjoy teaching more than ever!

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