How to Organize Curriculum with Google Sites

You can organize curriculum and easily share it with Google Sites. Whether you arrange your teaching around standards, topics, or calendars, Sites will do the trick. What’s more? You can create branching websites to link your entire set of year-long plans.

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Before we begin, consider the way teachers historically organized their teaching materials. Over against the wall stood a filing cabinet. Each drawer was labeled with a specific subject. Inside the drawer, you would find file folders for each unit of study.

Google Sites provides a digital filing cabinet. Each unit plan, subject, and indeed – full year of materials – can be organized in a website.

Organize Curriculum Around Standards

Earlier, we discussed how to make standards-based unit plans using Google Sites. What if you’d like to link the entire set? It’s easy! Just create a site that links to each unit.

Organize Curriculum by Bundling Units with Google Sites

This image shows an older version, which was created with classic Google Sites.

This fourth grade literature website, for example, houses little actual content. Instead, it acts as a file drawer, Each of the nine buttons on the home page links to a separate website with unit plans.

Organize Curriculum Around Topics

But what if you organize curriculum around topics or themes? The same principle can be applied. This Cinderella unit illustrates one way a website can act as a file drawer (or binder). On this page, for example, a grid organizes Cinderella-themed lesson plans. On this older Classic Google Site, PDFs are linked to text on the page.

Organize Curriculum by Topic or Theme - Cinderella Unit Example

With Google Sites you can create a special kind of link. What looks like a page on the navigation bar can link directly to another website. Therefore, to the user, it appears to be all one site.

Google Sites Organize Teaching

No doubt, organizing long-range plans is a monumental task. However, when you use Google Sites, it becomes more manageable. From lesson plans to unit plans to sub plans, these websites have the power to manage the stuff in your Drive. Student information can be managed through portfolios, seating charts, and behavior logs.

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