Light Energy Books for Kids

Merge science and reading with these light energy books. You can reinforce important physical science concepts while building kids’ reading skills. It’s a win-win proposition!

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Light Energy Book #1

Light and Its Effects by Jenna Winterberg uses text and graphics to teach kids about light. Concepts include waves of light, particles of light, and how light travels. In addition, kids learn about reflection and refraction.

This colorful paperback book can take the place of a textbook. For a creative alternative, buy only one copy. Then cut it apart and create a bulletin board. That way, kids can learn while moving around the room.

This light energy book reinforces important science concepts.

Light Energy Book #2

The Nighttime Cabin Thief by Linda Beauregard incorporates light energy concepts in a fictional story. Kids love the graphic novel format. This book will hook everyone – even your most reluctant reader.

Your students will love reading this graphic novel - and learning about light!

Light Energy Book #3

If you’re looking for enrichment, try The Ultimate Book of Optical Illusions by Al Seckel. Kids can spend hours looking at more than 350 pages of illusions.

Have some fun with light energy! Your kids will love this book of 300+ optical illusions.

Creating the Best Light Unit Ever

What makes a great light unit? Begin with hands-on activities that encourage kids to make generalizations. Add books, videos, and websites to reinforce concepts. You can use 5-day or 10-day lesson plans – or spend even longer. Using a variety of resources will enrich your physical science unit.

Complete Light Energy Unit

Are you searching for a great light unit? Look no further!

Improving Science Instruction

Read on to explore ways to improve your craft.

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