How to Organize Your Drive with Google Sites

It’s time to organize your Drive with Google Sites. We all know that putting our files in folders helps. But sometimes it’s not enough. What if you need a more visual presentation? Google Sites provide a polished view and click environment. Check it out.

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How to Organize Your Drive with Google Sites

Let’s take a look at this set of daily language materials as an example. It includes three slideshows, three practice pages, three mixed practice pages, and a quiz. Since they’re digital, I keep them in a folder in my Google Drive.

Organize Your Drive Example

But I got tired of opening each file to see what it contained. That’s when I decided to make a Google Site. (You can see it in my folder above. It’s the file with the blue icon.)

Organize Your Drive with Google Sites - Daily Language Example 1

A home page lists the weekly concepts.

Organize Your Drive with Google Sites - Daily Language Example 2

All of the slideshows can be embedded right into the Google Site.

Organize Your Drive with Google Sites - Daily Language Example 3

I took a picture of each student page and inserted it. That way, I could see what I was assigning without opening any files. Answer keys were also inserted for a quick look.

My Google Site lets me view and access everything – all in one handy place. I love it! What’s more? To create my remaining daily language websites, I simply duplicate this site and plug in the new media.

Organize Your Drive for TpT

Over the past few months, sellers at Teachers pay Teachers have discussed ways to share Google Apps with their customers. Google Sites presents the perfect solution because you can:

  1. Add links that force new files. This means that teachers with who don’t have Google Classroom can also share clean, individual files with their students.
  2. Link PDFs. This means that teachers whose students do not have access to G Suites can also use your resources.
  3. Embed presentations, videos, and other media.
  4. Organize everything in a way that makes sense to the user.
  5. Present your resources in a clear, polished, professional manner.

In addition, using Google Sites allows you to:

  • Communicate directly with teachers who use your resource. Just add a page with your message.
  • Include extra materials or links to help teachers use the resource. For example, you can link directly to a blog post that better explains a concept or process.
  • Link freebies and incentives on hidden pages (available on New Sites only).

You may ask, “Can I upload a Google Site using the new App upload?” The answer is no – and yes. While you may not upload a Google Site, you can post Docs or Slides with the link to a Site.

Google Sites Organize Teaching

Google Sites can organize your teaching life and much more. They’re great for coordinating lesson plans, units, curriculumlong-range plans, and even sub plans. Student information can be managed through portfolios, seating charts, class forms, and behavior logs. Try making a Google Site today!

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