Using Snap Circuits® to Teach Electricity

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Snap Circuits® by Elenco belong in every upper elementary classroom. These sturdy electronics kits teach kids about circuits as they play. Additionally, they get plenty of experience with switches, resistors, and energy transfer. You’ll never regret this purchase!

Ms. Sneed Breaks Out the Snap Circuits®

Our favorite fourth grade teacher, Ms. Sneed, stood on her tiptoes. She reached onto the top shelf of her coat closet and lifted six white boxes.

“Hey, what are those?” asked Mr. Grow, her student teacher.

Snap Circuits®. The kids love them, and you will too. We’ll use them to reinforce our electricity unit.”

Mr. Grow Plays with Snap Circuits®

Mr. Grow walked over to the side table and opened a box. “This looks like fun,” he said.

“Take the box and get down on the carpet,” his mentor said. “That way you can spread out and experience them the way the students do.”

Mr. Grow needed no more encouragement. He plopped the box on the floor and took out the project book.

Use Snap Circuits for your fourth grade electricity unit! Kids love them.

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Simple Circuit

“Look,” he told Ms. Sneed, “the first page of the instruction manual shows kids how to build a simple circuit.” As she watched, Mr. Grow put together a DC motor and switch. Instead of wires, plastic-encased conductors snapped easily onto other pieces.

“Do you notice how sturdy the parts are?” Ms. Sneed asked. “We’ve had these kits for years. Surprisingly, I share them with three other classes too.” Mr. Grow nodded as he continued snapping away.

When the student teacher hit the switch, the motor started up and the fan spun rapidly. “What do you know!” he exclaimed.

Ms. Sneed looked over his shoulder at the instruction manual. “Do you see how each project lists an objective and explains the transfer of energy? They spell everything out in a simple, yet sophisticated way for kids.”

Teach your fourth grade students about current electricity with Snap Circuits!
Series Circuit

Mr. Grow flipped through the manual. “Project 8 involves a series circuit,” he said. His fingers easily disassembled the simple circuit and built a new one.

“Educational and fun,” Ms. Sneed commented. “I let the students use these at indoor recess. They can’t get enough of them. While they think they’re playing, I know they’re learning.” Her eyes twinkled.

With Snap Circuits, your fourth grade students can build simple, series, and parallel circuits.
Parallel Circuit

“For the next project, you build a parallel circuit,” Mr. Frank said. He was already taking apart the previous project. “Snap Circuits® are so cool.”

With Snap Circuits, fourth grade students can build parallel circuits and more! Use them in your electricity unit.

Enjoy Teaching

As Ms. Sneed wandered back to her desk, that famous little smile spread across her face. Sometimes, the right classroom purchase brought joy to the students – and the teacher.

Over the course of her career, Ms. Sneed realized that there were 6 steps to enjoy teaching. In order to survive, she had to organize, plan, and simplify. Then, to thrive, Ms. Sneed needed to learn, engage, and finally – dive in! Follow the Fabulous Teaching Adventures of Ms. Sneed and learn how you can enjoy teaching too.

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