Sound Energy Books for Kids

Merge science and reading with these sound energy books. You can reinforce important physical science concepts while building kids’ reading skills. It’s a win-win proposition!

Grab these sound books for your energy unit!

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Sound Energy Book #1

Sound Waves and Communication by Jenna Winterberg uses text and graphics to teach kids about sound. Concepts include sound waves, how sound is measured, how sound travels, and more. This book is also available in Spanish.

This colorful paperback book can take the place of a textbook. For a creative alternative, buy only one copy. Then cut it apart and create a bulletin board. That way, kids can learn while moving around the room.

Grab this informational text book for your sound energy unit. Sound Waves and Communication by Jenna Winterberg

Sound Energy Book #2

The second sound energy book, How Does Sound Change? by Robin Johnson, includes information about vibrations, waves, volume, pitch, how sound travels and bounces. At then end of the book, you’ll find some projects for kids.

Grab this informational text book for your sound energy unit. How Does Sound Change by Robin Johnson

Sound Energy Book #3

The Whispering Lake Ghosts by Lynda Beauregard will really engage bigger kids! Written as a graphic novel, the mystery is solved through more sophisticated concepts. Students learn that sound travels differently through different media (solids, liquids, and gases). Additionally, they explore how megaphones can amplify sound, as well as echos.

Grab this graphic novel for your sound energy unit! The Whispering Lake Ghosts by Lynda Beauregard

Creating the Best Sound Unit Ever

What makes a great sound unit? Begin with hands-on activities that encourage kids to make generalizations. Add books, videos, and websites to reinforce concepts to your lesson plans.

Sound Unit

Read more about these sound activities. Using a variety of resources will enrich your physical science unit.

Improving Science Instruction

Read on to explore ways to improve your craft.

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