4 Fabulous Sound Websites for Kids

Sound websites help kids understand energy concepts. Bring a new dimension to your science unit with these links. They’re great for third, fourth, and fifth grade students.

Five sound websites reinforce and/or enrich your energy unit. They're great for kids in third, fourth, and fifth grade.

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Sound Websites

Sound (DK Find Out!) – This website includes a  brief introduction, seven categories, and an interactive quiz. The visuals are crisp and professional. Kids explore:

  • How are sounds created?
  • Making music
  • Echos
  • Loudness
  • Pitch
  • Using sound to navigate
  • Flying at the speed of sound

Sound Facts for Kids (Kiddle) – This Wikipedia-created text was adapted for kids. They read about the speed of sound, as well as pitch and intensity.

Basics of Sound (Ducksters) – The home page introduces sound. At the bottom of the page, kids click on a more sophisticated text (Sound 102), a ten-question quiz, three sound experiments, nine subpages, including a handy glossary of wave terms.

Sound Facts (Science for Kids) – This webpage offers five paragraphs plus freaky facts about sound.

Your Ears (KidsHealth) – Students read about the parts of the ear, how they work, and how to keep them healthy.

Sound Activities

Are you looking for some great activities for your light unit? Try these! Using a variety of resources will enrich your physical science unit.

Read more about these sound activities.

More Sound Resources

Energize your sound unit with activities, books, videos, a bulletin board, and lesson plans. You can even throw in a STEM challenge.

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