How to Create TpT Digital Activities

How can you create TpT Digital Activities (now known as Easel Activities)? With just a click of the finger, you can transform traditional PDFs into digital assignments. First, select pages you’d like to share with your students. Then customize them with answer boxes and other notes. Finally, post the pages and grab a shareable URL with your students. It’s an easy solution for blended or distance learning.

What Is a TpT Digital Activity?

This feature adds an interactive layer on top of a traditional PDF. It allows annotation by the seller, buyer, and student. The seller and/or buyer can select specific pages, rearrange them, and add answer boxes. They can also highlight, write and draw. After the pages are shared with students through Google Classroom, they can type in answer boxes. Additionally, students can create their own text boxes, highlight, write, and draw (on the page or in the margins).

TpT Digital Activities make PDFs interactive!

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Sellers Can Customize TpT Digital Activities

TpT sellers may customize PDFs for their buyers – or not. To make adaptations, a seller goes to My TpT Listings, searches for a resource, and edits pages. He or she may remove the title page, lesson plans, and answer keys – leaving only student pages. In addition, the seller may add answer boxes, type or write notes, and more. These changes make teachers’ jobs easier.

Sellers can customize TpT Digital Activities by removing teacher pages and adding answer boxes. However, buyers can also do these things.

As you can see, sellers have three screens: Prepare, Preview, and Publish. Prepare allows sellers to customize. With Preview, they can see what the students will see – and even mark up the screen in the same way. Publish lets sellers post the customized pages for their buyers.

Teachers Can Customize TpT Digital Activities

The teacher has the same options as the seller. He or she may also remove and rearrange pages, add answer boxes, type or write notes, highlight, and draw. At this time, only the teacher/buyer can create multiple TpT Digital Activities from the same resource. For example, if the resource was meant for more than one lesson, teachers can select pages for each and save them as different files. This is also handy for differentiation because teachers can choose different pages for different students.

Teachers, to create a TpT Digital Activity, click on the red button on the right-hand side of the product page.

Currently, to create an activity, the buyer goes to the product page and clicks on the red button. This will open either the entire file or a customized version (if the seller has created one). Then the buyer takes these steps for each assignment:

  1. Click on Edit Pages. Remove pages not used in this lesson. Hit Create.
  2. Add answer boxes, text, highlighting, writing, and drawing as desired. (You can work on the page and/or in the margins.)
  3. Go to Preview and check the student view.
  4. Go to Assign. Click Create Access Link. Then click the green box to share through Google Classroom.

Teachers can assign TpT Digital Activities through Google Classroom.

Helpful Hint: If you want to add a page with your own directions and/or for student response, cover one of the pages you plan to discard with an opaque answer box. Create a text box for your directions and position it on top of the answer box.

Students Can Create Text Boxes, Highlight, Write, and Draw

When students access an interactive PDF, they can also create text boxes, highlight, write, and draw. When they’re finished, they turn in their assignments as usual.

Students can add text boxes, highlight, write and draw on TpT Digital Activities.

Easel Activities make teachers’ lives easier. You can learn more with this slideshow. If you want to try it out, feel free to use this free Pi Day activity.

Enjoy Teaching!

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