5 Quick and Easy Biography Crafts to Try Now

Biography crafts engage kids in learning. Let’s look at five possibilities. First, to focus on character traits, try a foldable. If you’d like kids to refer to events in the person’s life, create social media posts or build biography cubes. To bring in history, use double timelines. And lastly, if you’re pinched for time, make cute little tube characters.

Biography Crafts

Ms. Sneed Explains 5 Biography Crafts

Our favorite fourth grade teacher, Ms. Sneed, sat at the back table with her student teacher. First, she pulled out the lesson plans. Then she handed Mr. Grow teacher a stack of biography activities. “We’ll look through these and see what interests you,” she said. “They’ll go well with our biography reading.”

Biography Craft #1 – Foldable

Ms. Sneed picked up the first sample. “For this project,” explained Ms. Sneed, “kids fold the paper in thirds. Then they draw the person’s face on the front.” She opened the front flap. “Inside, students write about the person.”

Biography Foldable

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Biography Craft #2 – Social Media Post

“Maybe they’d like they’d like this one,” said Mr. Grow. He pulled out a shaded piece of paper.

“I love that one even more!” Ms. Sneed exclaimed. “The student creates a social media post – sort of like Facebook – for the person they’re studying. Notice how they create a conversation about a compelling event. Kids eat it up.”

Biography Social Media Post

Biography Craft #3 – Cube

She picked up another paper. “Now check this out. I think our class would enjoy this. When finished, each side of this biography cube would feature an event from the person’s life.” Ms. Sneed stopped and quickly folded the sample. “See? Kids simply color, fold, and tape.”

Biography Cube

Biography Craft #4 – Double Timeline

Next, Ms. Sneed handed Mr. Grow a double timeline. “This one is less crafty. In other words, it’s a serious project. Kids list events in the person’s life on one side and events in history on the other. Above all, this project shows how history affected the person. In addition, kids can clearly see how the person changed history.”

Double Timeline

Biography Craft #5 – Character Tube

Ms. Sneed walked over to the cabinet. She rummaged around for a while. “Here it is,” she said.

Mr. Grow could see that she held a toilet paper tube in her hand. “If we’re in a time pinch,” Ms. Sneed said, “this is a great little project. Kids can usually finish these in ten or fifteen minutes. When they’re done, you have an entire set of biographical figures to display.”

Character Tube

Additional Activities

Ms. Sneed could see that biography projects came in many shapes and sizes. No matter what, though, they helped engage kids in the study of famous people.

Enjoy Teaching

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