How to Make a Digital Seating Chart with Google Slides

Digital seating charts are easy to make with Google Slides. First, insert shapes. Then add names. Voila! A movable, editable seating chart!

Choose a Ratio for Your Digital Seating Chart

For the first step, create a new set of Google Slides. After measuring your classroom, go to File then Page setup. Choose the ratio that’s best for you – or create a custom setup. (Since my room is longer than it is deep, I chose 4:3.)

Digital Seating Charts That Match Room Ratio

Make a Blank Google Slide for Your Digital Seating Chart

Add a Background for Your Digital Seating Chart

Although it’s not necessary, you can customize your seating chart. First, create an image with the same ratio aspect as your slide. Save it as an image.

Change the Background to Customize Your Digital Seating Chart

Next, click on Slide and then Change background. Choose your image. Then your image will be embedded into the background of the slide (so it won’t move when you rearrange your seating chart).

Change the Background for Your Digital Seating Chart

Create One Desk, Duplicate, and Arrange

Now it’s time to add desks (or tables). You can add a shape or text box for this. After sizing it and changing the color, try typing “student name.” Adjust the size of the font so that your students’ names will fit.

Add One Desk to Your Digital Seating Chart

Next, simply copy and paste your desk so you have enough for everyone in your class.

Duplicate Desks for Your Digital Seating Chart

Rearrange the desks however you want.

Arrange Desks for Your Digital Seating Chart

Make a Copy and Add Names

Before you add your students’ names, make a copy of your seating chart. Save it as your template.

If you want a different set of slides for every class you teach, make additional copies. (This step is necessary if you want to post the seating charts on a Google Site.)

Otherwise, you may just duplicate the slide as many times as you need. This way, you would end up with one set of slides holding all of your seating charts.

Add Names to Your Digital Seating Chart

As you can see, your new digital seating chart is completely editable with handy movable pieces. You’ll never go back to pencil and paper again!

Digital Seating Chart Illustrating Movable Pieces

If my seating chart meets your needs, click here for a complimentary copy!

Are you looking for a seating arrangement that works? Read more on how to create a seating chart that matches your teaching style.

Google Sites Organize Teaching

Creating digital seating charts are just the beginning. When added to a Google Site, you can manage everything with a comprehensive teacher dashboard. From lesson plans to unit plans to long-range plans to sub plans, this website has the power to manage the stuff in your Drive. Like a filing cabinet, it branches to other sites, arranging your curricula virtually. Try building your own Google Site today!

Would you like to know more? Read about 20 ways to use Google Sites in your classroom.

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