3 Fun and Instructive Activities for Pi Day

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Pi Day! It’s the day math geeks wait for all year. Now you can celebrate pi (3.14…) on March 14 (3/14) in your classroom. Just grab a few fun (but instructive) activities, and get started!

Enjoy Teaching Pi

Pi Day in Ms. Sneed’s Classroom

Yes, our favorite fourth grade teacher, Ms. Sneed, is a math geek. Every year, she waits patiently to pull out these cool activities. Let’s look in on her now.

Pi Day Timeline

Although it’s only February, Ms. Sneed is getting ready. First, she pulls out the Pi Day timeline project. After copying it, she slices through the sheets. “There,” Ms. Sneed says to herself. “Part one of the extravaganza is ready. I think we’ll create a display in the hallway this year.”

Pi Day Timeline

Pi Day Inquiry Activity

A few days later, we find Ms. Sneed rummaging through her cabinets. First, she pulls out some paper plates. Then she grabs a bunch of plastic jars and lids – of all sizes. All of this goes in a paper bag, which she stores behind her desk.

“There’s nothing cooler than finding pi yourself,” Ms. Sneed murmurs to herself as she sits down at her computer. After a few clicks, the teacher finds what she’s looking for. “Aha! I love this one-page freebie on finding pi!” she exclaims.

Pi Day Inquiry Activity

Statistical Analysis of Pi – Tally Tables, Frequency Tables, and Line Plots

“I wonder,” Ms. Sneed thinks, “if I can find anything related to frequency.” After clicking around on Teachers pay Teachers, she finds what she’s looking for. Eureka! This frequency and pi activity asks kids to list the first hundred digits of pi in a tally table, transfer them to a frequency table, and then create a line plot

Pi Day Frequency Activity

Ms. Sneed can hardly wait for March 14th. “The kids are going to love this!” she smiles to herself. “And, of course, they’ll learn a lot too.”

The Icing on the Cake – I Mean, Pi

Pi Day (3/14) is approaching. Catch the spirit! You can see one million digits of pi, buy a t-shirt, or learn more at the official Pi Day site. In addition, check out Circles: What Is Pi? (8 minutes). This video from Math Antics explains circles and pi.

If you, like Ms. Sneed, love pi, grab a few activities and get started!

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