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Adapt these sound lesson plans for the number of class periods you have. If you use stations, the entire unit can easily be completed in five days. With a corresponding STEM activity, you can extend it to seven days or more.

Ms. Sneed Prepares Sound Lesson Plans

Our favorite fourth grade teacher, Ms. Sneed, looked over the sound unit she purchased on Teachers pay Teachers. “Hmm, how much time should we spend on this?” she asked her teammate, Mr. Frank.

Engage your students with hands-on sound lesson plans. They're perfect for third, fourth, or fifth grade.

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Mr. Frank plopped down in front of the computer. “Let’s see if we can squeeze it into the time we have. Maybe one or two weeks? I’ll type the lesson plans while you talk me through the activities.”

5-Day Sound Lesson Plans

“If we use the main activities as stations, we can definitely do it in five days,” Ms. Sneed told Mr. Frank.

Day #1 – Pretest

“Let’s administer the pretest on the first day. I like to compare their understanding before and after the unit.”

Day #2 – Stations

“On the second day, we can do the activities as stations. Students will spend ten or fifteen minutes at each center. At each, they’ll make generalizations to discover energy concepts on their own.”

Six sound stations let kids explore energy concepts and make generalizations. They're perfect for third, fourth, or fifth grade.
Day #3 – Reinforcement

“The following day, we’ll use videos and websites to reinforce their findings,” Ms. Sneed said.

“And get rid of any misconceptions,” added her teaching partner.

Day #4 – Review

“Then we’ll use the flashcards from the sound unit or games to review vocabulary and concepts.”

Day #5 – Posttest

“Although it’s a quick turnaround, I feel that they’ll be ready for the final assessment on the fifth day.”

Mr. Frank stopped typing. “Sure is fast. But I agree that they’ll be ready.”

7-Day Sound Lesson Plans

Ms. Sneed shuffled through the unit. “The author has included a STEM activity as well.”

“Oh yes. Please. We could really use more STEM,” Mr. Frank replied.

“We’ll stick it in before the review and posttest. To do it justice, I think we should spend at least two days on it.”

“Perfect!” exclaimed Mr. Frank. “We’ll just print these lesson plans and start gathering materials. I can’t wait to get started on this.”

Add a STEM activity to your sound lesson plans. This challenge works well in third, fourth, of fifth grade classrooms.

Enjoy Teaching

Over the course of her career, Ms. Sneed realized that there were 6 steps to enjoy teaching. In order to survive, she had to organize, plan, and simplify. Then, to thrive, Ms. Sneed needed to learn, engage, and finally – dive in! Follow the Fabulous Teaching Adventures of Ms. Sneed and learn how you can enjoy teaching too.

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