How to Organize Your Teacher Life with Google Sites

Organize your teacher life with Google Sites! The tools for controlling curricula and managing your classroom are at your fingertips. Better yet, they’re free.

Google Sites can store all your teaching materials - even seating charts! It's time to organize your teacher life.

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Organize Your Teacher Life, Part 1 – Curricula

At first, teachers organized learning materials in filing cabinets. Then some turned to binders. In time, they also stored resources on their computers. When G Suites for Education (and subsequently Google Classroom) arrived on the scene, educators added Docs, Slides, and more to their Drives.

How have these changes affected you? Are your materials stored in all of these places? Do you find yourself searching your desktop, your Drive, your filing cabinets, and even some old binders to find that elusive file? Let Google Sites come to the rescue. They’ll help you enjoy your job even more.

Store Unit Plans in a Logical Way

Filing cabinets, binders, and even digital files are linear. A teacher must move page by page to find what she’s looking for. Web-based unit plans are different. And it’s all in the name: web. With just a click, you can move from one part of the unit to another – quickly and easily. Maybe it’s time to organize your unit plans in a Google Site.

Literature Unit Created with Classic Sites

Organize Your Teacher Life – Literature Unit Created with Classic Sites

Fables Unit Created with New Sites

Fables Unit Created with New Sites

Organize Your Drive

You can also organize your Google Drive with Sites. This digital daily language unit, for example, includes three embedded Google Slides for instruction, as well as links to Google-ready student pages and assessments. When you Drive, use Google Sites as your dashboard.

Digital Daily Language Website

Daily Language Files Organized in a Site

Make Lesson Plans

It’s easy to make digital lesson plans with Google Slides. But when you embed them in a Google Site, they become visible and polished.

Organize Your Teacher Life - Clickable Lesson Plans Stored on Google Site

As you can see, these lesson plans are linked to units of study. You can access, view, or edit them anywhere.

Link Pieces and Parts of Curriculum

Let’s say, for example, you teach nine literature units – each housed in a different website. Just create a simple site and link the units.

Fourth Grade Literature Unit Linked to Webpage

Fourth Grade Literature Unit Linked to Webpage

Organize Your Teacher Life, Part 2 – Classroom Management

With Google Sites, you can manage your curriculum – and more – with a teacher dashboard (see below). Let’s look at some additional possibilities:

Arrange Seating Charts

Create a digital seating chart with Slides- then embed it into Sites. That way, they’re visible on the Site – and editable in your Drive.

Digital Seating Chart in Google Site
Display Schedules

You can embed images of your daily schedule – or whatever documents you need to view often.

Class Schedule on Google Site

Store All Kinds of Information

You can link all other information directly to your dashboard for quick accessibility.

Organize Your Teacher Life - Links to Classroom Management Documents on Google Site

Create a Teacher Dashboard

Think about it. Everything in one place. Just click. Long-range plans. Lesson plans. Seating chart. All of your classroom management tools. Just. Click. Creating a teacher dashboard with Google Sites is a beautiful thing.

What’s more? Shared materials (such as district plans) automatically update when linked to your Site.

For Your Sub

To make a sub site, just duplicate your teacher dashboard. Then take off whatever you don’t want them to see. Add a set of alternate plans – and you’re all set. You can even make changes from home.

Sub Site with Alternate Plans Showing

Google Sites Organize Teaching

How can teachers use Google Sites? Let me count the ways! From lesson plans to unit plans to long-range plans, a Google Site has the power to organize the stuff in your Drive. Like a filing cabinet, it branches to other sites, arranging your curricula virtually.  For the ultimate feat, you can manage everything with a teacher dashboard. Try building your own Google Site today!

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