How to Make Google Sites

Make Google Sites to store and share all of your digital resources. They’re easy. What’s more? You can get rid of that messy filing cabinet, cut way back on copying, and link to resources on the web.

Basic Steps to Make Google Sites

You can read the directions below or access 10 short instructional videos to learn how to create Google Sites.

How to Crete a New Site

To get started, open your Google account. First, click on the apps menu and choose Drive.  Second, click the New button. Under More, find Google Sites.

Make New Google Sites 1

How to Create a Home Page

Your new site opens to your home page. Here, you’ll name your site and work with the header design.

I like to feature a picture on my home page. However, the option for using an image in the banner doesn’t always resize well. Therefore, I use title only at the top. Then I add my picture below.

Make New Google Sites 2

How to Add Media to Your Page

To add any kind of media to your page, use the column on the right. You’ll see that the top section allows you to add text boxes or images, embed media, or pull it in from your Drive. The middle section lets you add ready-made templates.

Make New Google Sites 3

At the bottom, you’ll find even more options.

Make New Google Sites 4

To add my picture below the title, I click on Images. After selecting the picture from my file, I resize it using the blue dots.

Make New Google Sites 5

Now I want to add a text box. It’s easy. Just click, and it appears as the next section on my page. Google Sites are designed this way. Every time you add something, a new section is added.

Make New Google Sites 6

When a section is selected, a set of dots appears to the left. If you hover over them, you’ll see an icon with four arrows. Use it to click and drag the section to a new location, if desired.

The rectangular option lets you duplicate a section. And the trash can allows you to delete.

How to Edit a Section

At the top, you’ll notice a palette. First, click on it. Then you can choose from several different style options for your section.

Make New Google Site 7

How to Create a New Page

In the upper right, you will see three words: Insert, Pages, and Themes. Just toggle to Page whenever you want to add or change pages.

At the bottom of the column on the right, you’ll see a plus sign. This allows you to make a new page. When you hover over it, another icon appears: New link. This option looks just like a page in the navigation bar. However, when clicked, it takes the viewer to another location.

Make New Google Sites 8

How to Format Your New Page

Actually, your new page formats just like the home page. You can insert all kinds of media.

Make New Google Sites 9

How to Manage Your Navigation Bar

After at least one new page is added, you can change your navigation bar. Two options are available: top or side navigation. Simply hover to the far upper left of your screen. There, you’ll see a gear icon appear. When you click on it, you’ll be able to choose.

Make New Google Sites 10

How to Publish Your Site

To publish, click on the bright blue Publish button at the upper right. Many options are available; we’ll cover the basics.

First, a box entitled “Publish your site” will appear. Here, you can customize your URL. If you click MANAGE, sharing permissions will pop up.

Make New Google Sites 11

To make Google Sites public (or just shared) click Change under “Published.” You’ll see three options:

  • Anyone can find and view the published version
  • Anyone in your domain can find and view the published version
  • Specific people can view when published

The second option would seem perfect for schools; however, many districts have different domains for their staff and students.

If you’re sharing only with your students, just copy and paste the group into the box that says “Invite people.”

Otherwise, go ahead and publish to the web. Yes, others may be able to see it, but it’s relatively unlikely. You can also check the box under Search Settings that requests that public search engines not display your site. As reported by Google, however, this is no guarantee.

Make New Google Sites 12

More Options

Let’s look at a few other options. Across the top, you’ll see a few more icons.

Make New Google Sites 13


Make New Google Sites 14

Really, creating Sites is fun and easy. No time like the present!

Classroom Applications

Google Sites provide tons of opportunities for organizing instruction and all your teacher stuff. Read more about Google Sites!

When you match your classroom needs with Google Sites, the possibilities are endless.


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