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Direct homework with Google Sites. Kids – and parents – will know exactly what to do. And you’ll get the results you want!

Give Meaningful Homework with Google Sites

My students were struggling with multiplication facts. Sure, I had a strategy that worked. But there just wasn’t enough time in the day. And some kids were lagging behind. I needed help – from parents. But how would I get it?

I decided to make a multiplication facts website. That way, kids could work on it at home – with their parents’ help.

Begin with the Fundamentals

Some of my kids simply needed a little work on fluency. A few, however, needed more. They still hadn’t conceptualized multiplication. So I needed to start with the basics.

Homework with Google Sites - Fact Groups

First, these students would build models and work with arrays. In the homework website, I showed families how to use objects and then arrays to bolster concepts. Since I wanted them to have all the necessary materials, I linked graph paper at the bottom of the page.

Homework with Google Sites

This image shows the old Google Sites format (classic). To link worksheets with new Sites, simply link the URL to text or an image.

For some reason, working digitally continues to thrill students. Therefore, I added some tactile Google Slides activities too. Kids could simply move and resize rectangles to illustrate facts.

Homework with Google Sites - Digital Arrays

Build in Practice

Once my kids could conceptualize a fact group, I wanted them to work on patterning. For fact groups, that means skip counting. First, they write the pattern. Then they chant it. Over and over. (And for a great tactile touch that appeals to the senses, I asked them to toss something from one hand to the other.)

Homework with Google Sites

Before long, the pattern resides in the brain. (Maybe not permanently, but enough for the next step.) Now kids move to Quick Flash II. Yep, online flashcards. I absolutely love this free resource from

Homework with Google Sites - Practice 1

More Practice

After kids know their fact groups, it’s time for fluency. offers another great tool for this: Fact Navigator. Seriously, I don’t know what I did without it. This handy game lets kids take 40-question fact tests – and automatically grades them. Anxiety is reduced. You messed up? Who cares! Just begin again.

Homework with Google Sites - More Practice

Tracking Progress

For this set of homework activities, tracking progress is super important. Kids keep track of the facts they know and don’t know with three grids.

Homework with Google Sites - Progress Trackers

You Can Include Notes to Parents

Sometimes jumping into a website intimidates parents. Therefore, adding a note to them helps.

Homework with Google Sites - Parent Letter

Get Results from Homework with Google Sites

This stuff really works! Here’s why:

  • The teacher uses proven methods and gives clear directions.
  • The website allows autonomy.
  • Active learning and online games increase engagement.
  • Parents get in the act. (And for once, they know what to do.)

Okay, not everyone will follow through. But just think of the progress your class will make when a big chunk of them use meaningful homework.

Other Ways to Present Homework

The multiplication facts website focused on only one skill. However, you can create one Google Site for all homework.

Homework with Google Sites Website

Google Sites in Your Classroom

How can you use Google Sites in your classroom? Let me count the ways!

The Google Sites possibilities are endless.

What are you waiting for? Try creating an instructional website today.


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