How to Get a Flipped Classroom with Google Sites

Flipped classroom gives you more class time. Just store media in a Google Site. Then ask kids to review it at home. You can link text, graphics, audio, and visual in a handy website. The structure lets you organize materials for one lesson or an entire unit. What’s more? Formats adjust automatically for computers, Chromebooks, iPads, tablets, and phones.

Flipped Classroom Content

Consider your next lesson. What parts can be done at home? Specifically, which media can kids explore ahead of time.

For example, I wanted my students to write persuasive pieces. The prompt asked them if our national anthem should be changed. They would study three popular patriotic songs to decide.

To maximize time at school, kids would explore the songs at home.

I created a simple Google Site. On the front cover, kids read the prompt.

Flipped Classroom with Google Sites - Writing Prompt

Adding Media to a Google Site for Flipped Classroom

To save paper, I uploaded information sheets about the songs.

Flipped Classroom with Google Sites - Song 1

Each included the lyrics and brief background information.

Flipped Classroom with Google Sites - Song 2

Then I found videos on YouTube. Each file included a colorful slideshow with the lyrics. As the slides played, kids could hear the song.

I saved each YouTube video with That way, my students would see no ads. Then I linked the URL to the top of each page.

Flipped Classroom with Google Sites - Song 3

As kids explored the songs, they recorded pros and cons.

Flipped Classroom with Google Sites - Recording Sheet

Flipped Classroom Saves Class Time

The next day, my students were ready to rock and roll. This six-day writing activity now took five. Yep, I saved an entire day with my flipped classroom. And the kids loved the patriotic persuasion project.

Instead of watching videos in class, my students planned, organized, and drafted their writing. And I spent my time working with them. Isn’t that the way teaching should be?

New Google Sites Let Kids Use Any Device

One great thing about New Google Sites is the formatting. It adjusts automatically for computers, tablets, and phones. No matter what device kids use at home, they can access (and interact with) Google Sites.

Flipped Classroom with Google Sites - Formats

Direct Learning with Google Sites

With Google Sites, you can revolutionize teaching in a variety of ways. Consider these examples:

The possibilities are endless.

What are you waiting for? Build a Google Site today!


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