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Google Sites unit plans organize everything in a logical manner. When you create a curricular website, resources immediately become polished and professional. Additionally, you can link relevant videos, articles, and even blog posts.

You Can Make Google Sites Unit Plans

As an example, let’s take a look at an upper elementary fables unit, which was built using Google Sites.

Lesson Plans

The lesson plans appear on the first page. In order to navigate the plans better, words link to needed student pages.

New Google Sites Unit Plans Example of Lesson Plans

Linking to Printable and Paperless Worksheets

The next page houses a set of ten fables with comprehension questions. Instead of just listing the activity and linking it, I decided to insert photos of the activity. That way, teachers can see what’s offered at a glance.

In order to address digital learning, teachers may choose a printable PDF or paperless Google Slides. To accomplish this, I stored the files in my Google Drive, adjusted the permissions, and linked the URL to the words below the images.

New Google Sites Unit Plans Example of Paperless and Printable

Linking to eBooks

To further limit copying, I linked an eBook to the reading activities page. Below that, covers for individual reading activities link to their respective web pages.

New Google Sites Unit Plans Example of eBook Link

More Linking

Each activity page also links to printable and paperless options. Additionally, I reminded myself (and other teachers) to show a video. The words simply link to a page entitled “Related Links” on this site.

New Google Sites Unit Plans Example of Link


Adding images and labeling only take a few minutes. However, they save valuable teaching time in subsequent years. For example, on the page with fables plays, I displayed the first page of each fable. Then I told how many pages and how many characters in each. Teachers may download a file with all plays – or they may download them individually.

Example of Plays

Linking to Outside Content

This page links to a related blog post. If a teacher wants to read more, she can. The possibilities are endless. You can link to Pinterest, articles, videos, or whatever you need.

Example of Link to Blog

Sharing Related Links

In addition to links on pages, I like to see all related links on one page. Again, this makes it easier to find resources later.

Related Links

Customize New Google Sites Unit Plans

You can create Google Sites unit plans to fit your needs. For example, a standards-based unit might be organized around concepts or day by day.

Oodles of Opportunities

With Google Sites, you can revolutionize teaching in a variety of ways. Consider these examples:

The possibilities are endless. Try making a Google Site today!


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